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Important Phone Numbers for Arkansas Medicaid’s ARKids First Program

These call centers can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Telephone Number Department or Agency
1-800-482-8988 Customer Service –
Arkansas Medicaid Eligibility/General
1-800-482-5431 Arkansas Medicaid Information Number
1-800-457-4454 Arkansas Medicaid Providers
1-800-482-5850 Extension 28301, Out of State Calls
1-800-285-1131 Extension 26789, TDD
1-888-987-1200 Non-Emergency Transportation Helpline
1-800-422-6641 Arkansas Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Hotline
1-888-474-8275 ARKids First
1-800-275-1131 ConnectCare
1-800-285-1131 ConnectCare, TDD
1-888-987-1200 Arkansas Medicaid Complaint Hotline
(For complaints about healthcare)
1-800-285-1131 Arkansas Medicaid Complaint Hotline, TDD
(For complaints about healthcare)
1-800-582-4887 Arkansas Nursing Home Abuse Hotline

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