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What to Do in an Emergency

A medical emergency is when you believe that your health is in serious danger — when every second counts. You may have a bad injury, sudden illness, or an illness quickly getting much worse. You should only seek emergency care if you believe that your life or health or your child’s life or health is in serious danger. (This includes your unborn baby if you are pregnant.) If you seek emergency care when you know it’s not an emergency, you will have to pay the bill. Medicaid and ARKids First will only pay for emergency care that is needed to find out what’s wrong or to keep it from getting worse.

Your doctor or hospital does not need to get preauthorization (permission from Medicaid) to treat you in a true emergency.

In an emergency, you have a right to go to any hospital. It’s usually best to go to the nearest hospital. (If it’s not an emergency, you will need a referral from your doctor for hospital care.)

Be ready for an emergency! You don’t know when an emergency will happen, so be ready just in case.

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