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Your Responsibilities

For Medicaid and ARKids First-A (Medicaid Title XIX Funded):

You must report within 10 calendar days any changes that might affect your Medicaid or ARKids First eligibility.

This means you must tell DHS within 10 days if:

For ARKids First-B (CHIP Title XXI Funded):

You are guaranteed 12 months of coverage unless the covered child moves out of state or turns 19. After you or your child has been enrolled in ARKids First-B for 10 months, you will get a form from DHS that you must fill out and return to DHS. You must return the filled-out form by the 19th day of the next month. If you don’t return the form on time, you could lose your ARKids First-B benefits!

If you withhold information or give false information to DHS to keep getting Medicaid or ARKids First, you can go to jail, be fined, or both!

Use your benefits wisely.

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